About BYOD

What is "BYOD"?

BYOD is an acronym for bring-your-own-device.  Students can use devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops in school and at home to enhance their learning experience. Learn how you can make the most out of a BYOD classroom below.

Who is BYOD for?

Whether you teach elementary in a public school or you homeschool three different grade levels, BYOD is for you! It is just a matter of figuring out what works best for your setting (with some help from us of course).  

To me, BYOD means student engagement is enhanced which means more learning, more growth!
— Lisa, School Psychologist, Orlando, FL
BYOD encourages a fun, yet meaningful, environment for my students. They look forward to school and they look forward to learning.
— Juliana, 4th grade Teacher, Orange County Public Schools

How should I get started?

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  • Play with technology. Yes, play! Take 5 minutes of your day to sit down and mess around with an app so you can brainstorm ideas on how to use it with your students.
  • Check out the blog to find something that fits your needs.