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You are the only teacher using technology. What it says about you...

1. You have a growth mindset!

Image by Carol S. Dweck

You understand that there's room to grow and that even though you're not perfect, you can keep growing as a teacher. 

You embrace feedback from your colleagues AND your students. 

Sometimes your students teach you some things and you're totally okay with it. 

2. Obstacles don't phase you

Wifi goes out. Battery dies. Student forgot their phone.

You know exactly what to do for each situation because little obstacles don't keep you away from your goals.

You pair students up, take out a charger or do an alternative assignment, but you got this.

3. You embrace change

Photo from     BigStock Photos

Photo from BigStock Photos

Everything in education is always changing but that doesn't matter to you.

You can easily modify lesson plans, research a new cool website or get help from another teacher because you understand that change is inevitable.

4. You're always on your toes

The second a student is texting rather than playing Kahoot, like you asked, you know right away! You also have a discipline plan in place for things like this.

You're literally on your feet walking around the class to monitor students and you rarely spend the whole day sitting at your desk.

5. You're a planner

Come on, just admit freak out a little without a plan. 

It may not be an elaborate plan on a word doc, it might just be a mental plan but the point is: you have one.

Website malfunctions, absent students, ELL's, whatever it'd planned for it. Who wouldn't want to be a student in your class?


Regardless of your age, your tech abilities, your effectiveness- you make technology happen and you're trying the best you can. It's hard work and sometimes you might even question if it's worth it, but KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING! You are making a difference in this world one student at a time.

Tell me about your experiences using tech (good and bad) down below!