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Featured Tech Tool: Noise Down

Where to find it:

iOS app


This app is a MUST-HAVE for classroom management and will make things run much smoother for you! 

It works best in classrooms where:

  • students work collaboratively
  • noise levels exceed limits set by teacher
  • students need a visual and/or auditory reminder of their noise level

What Noise Down is: 

This app measures the amount of noise in decibels using the microphone of your iOS device. It allows you to set an alarm that goes off when the noise level exceeds the decibel amount you set. 

Distinguishing Feature:

Once the alarm goes off, you have the option of tracking why the alarm went off so that students can be held accountable for the alarm.  

On the left is the screen that is prompted when the alarm is set off. You can hit the blue "capture" button and type in why the alarm was set off.

On the right is what it looks like once you've "captured" the noise makers. I like to save each class warning if it was the entire class, but I will also save individual names if one student caused the alarm to go off.

How I use it:

Since I have a (generally) mature group of students, I connect the iPad to the projector and display the app on the screen so that students are able to track their noise levels and modify, if needed. For a less mature group, they may play around with the app and test their boundaries by making obscure noises and watching the decibel meter fluctuate.

This is also great for behavioral intervention plans with students that have a hard time self-regulating disruptive behavior. Using this app, you can develop a reward system that tracks how long they maintain an appropriate noise level or how many times they are disruption-free.

I want to hear about your experiences with Noise Down! Share how you've used it in your classroom or any ideas you have for using it in the future.

Were there any downsides? Would you change anything in the app? How did students feel about it?