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Kindergarteners Are Coding, What's Your Excuse?

A recent article written by Gabrielle Russon stumbled into my text messages this week that caught me by surprise. It made me think, there's Kindergarteners that will be learning this stuff, what's my excuse?! And more importantly, can my students do this??

I can no longer say that it's too hard, but I wondered, how expensive can this be for me to learn? For an entire school, the article mentions $145,000 was spent on training and equipment. I don't know about you, but I don't have that money! 

So, I ventured out in pursuit of some FREE opportunities to learn how to code for you AND your kiddos....

VOILA! Learn how to code for free and I encourage you to pass this on to your students:

Codecademy - From making a website to learning HTML, there's a wide variety of skills to be learned here

Code School - There's a more mature-feel to this site and a free trial can only take you so far before you have to purchase a plan. - very kid-friendly and has various different tutorials based on skill level and interests.

Khan Academy - one of my personal favorites! Khan Academy starts you off with the basics and who doesn't love Khan Academy?

Treehouse - Like Code School, there's a mature-feel, but unfortunately the free trial can only get you so far

Udemy - You would have to search for the free coding videos and sift through to find what meets your needs.

Code with Chris - This is a great website with easy-to-use tutorials and visually-appealing layouts. No experience necessary.


Code Avengers - Coding AND games, your students are bound to love it! All the intro videos are free and teacher can also assign things from their site! Woo hoo!

Code Combat - Another game that teaches coding! How can you resist sharing it with your students?!



I encourage you to take advantage of these FREE opportunities and SHARE SHARE SHARE! Coding can help develop reasoning skills, problem solving, logic and so much more. Plus, they might actually enjoy it and pursue something in that field in the future. 

I am still in shock that Kindergarteners are coding, but seriously, why aren't we learning this ourselves?

BRB learning how to code...