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A Look into My BYOD Classroom

The new school year is here and I have set up my 6th grade life science classroom as (what I think is) the coolest learning environment ever. Here's what it looks like....

I know that was quick so here are some pictures!


Each table has a materials bin with sticky notes, highlighters, extra pencils, a glue stick, scissors and anything else that would help them maintain their science notebooks. The tables are named according to scientists.I made sure to choose scientists they don't hear about often and that they can relate to.

I prefer group seating because I have them collaborate often. The circle table in the left is my "island of peace" that I use to let students cool off or vent using a notebook I provided. I also use this table for students that have alternative assignments or need more time.

I used a Minecraft theme in my classroom to help build relationships with students. We also have a positive reward system where I sort students into houses (Diamonds, Emeralds and Redstone) and they can earn points for their house so they can have a pizza party at the end of the quarter.

This is the "get what you need" station that I allow students to access freely.

I love memes and I use them often!

There's something about holiday lights that give a room a whole new feel! My students LOVE them AND they make great emergency lights.

This is my cozy area. My favorite thing is the Russell (from the movie Up!) mug on my microwave. 



What do you think? What works best in your classroom? Help the thousands of teachers that decorate their classroom and share a tip or two!